Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Those 7 Words.

Yesterday the Supreme Court ruled to uphold the F.C.C.'s shift to a harder line on "indecency" on the air. Thought I might "celebrate" this important decision on such a pressing issue these days with presenting you the "Yes We Can - The George Carlin Remix" by Jay Smooth. It feature's all those bad, bad words, based on George Carlin's "7 dirty words" routine (and it's probably NSFW)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

All Your Friend Are Smiling.

The next time when it's one of those days and you're feeling completely down and out, go listen to the Loch Lomond EP "Trumpets for Paper Children" you downloaded here and let the tunes pull you out of the dirt.

Loch Lomond - "All Your Friends Are Smiling" from HUSH Records on Vimeo.

Monday, April 27, 2009

I Might Shed a Tear.

Karo is coming to Freiburg's White Rabbit on Sunday, May 3rd. And it'll be more than just amazing, I bet.

Schöftland will perform as well.
Be there or be square!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Possibly the Most Mind Numbing Groove Ever.

Ralph Wiggum - "Ente (jungle RMX)

Okay, this might be even worse. Via nercore et. al.
Have a good start of the week - and always remember:

Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente Ente

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jay Smooth on Beauty Pageants

..and the truth about Perez Hilton & Miss California, the future and marriage.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mariokart vs. Kettcar

This is what it would sound like if I was making music at the moment. Adolar's smasher Mariokart vs. Kettcar, full of childhood nostalgia, peer pressure, odd attempts to be different and passion.

Download the song here
Check out their 7" EP Planet Rapidia.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ein ♥ für Blogs.

note: This one's in German, since it's a German topic and it really wouldn't make much sense to do it in English. This might happen from time to time. This is, afterall, a more or less bilingual blo

Heute ist der von stylespion ausgerufene "Ein ♥ für Blogs." Tag. Ein Tag, an dem die Digitale Boheme und sonstige Blogger und Web 2.0 Opfer (your truly) seo Schmarrn mal seo Schmarrn sein lassen und sich wieder ohne Hilfsmittelchen vernetzen. Durch simple Empfehlung. Like in the good ol' days, als Leute noch Blogrolls hatten.

Unter anderem habe ich heute meine Blogroll verändert/ausgebaut. Dennoch sei aber an dieser stelle auf 5 deutschsprachige Blogs verwiesen, die mir schon manchen Anstoß für ein postig hier oder bei Twitter geliefert haben. Oder mir auch nur einfach eine Welt eröffnen, die woanders und anders ist als meine, mir aber gleichzeitig zeigen, dass meine Scheibe Welt gar nicht so anders ist. Sie ist nur nich geografisch definiert oder hier in der Stadt der Fahrradfahrer verankert.

Et voila:

Texte auf Cornflakespackungen
Acht Milliarden
Karo erklärt die Welt (und scheitert)


Coffee and TV. Wobei dieser blog, ähnlich wie Stefan Niggemeier's, wohl nich unter "unbekannt" läuft. Er sei dennoch empfohlen.

Good Ol' Copyboy

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ólafur Arnalds - 'Found Songs'

Fantastic Icelandic artist Ólafur Arnalds - who I mentioned in the Balmorhae post - is releasing a song a day for 7 days for free:

'The songs will be different from what's on my albums, they will be short, mostly just made up from piano. Something to keep me going. Feel free to send me hatemail if I miss out a day!'

Found Songs (via itstoolong)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Ah! History, 'Tis A Tricky Thing.

In a class on the Sixties I took last term we saw a video showing a student protest - in a Fox News frame, oddly enough. I guess this particular YouTube video wanted to show how Fox News would've portayed it. Most of the class did not notice that it had to be a "fake" video - Fox first aired in 1986, Fox News in Oct. 1996. Yet it seems like we often take a media institution as granted that we tend to 'forget' that it hasn't been around all that long.

Seems to be true not only for people engaged in a discussion in a 8 a.m. class but also for anchors on the very network:

[Fox News anchor and commentator] Neil Cavuto claims Fox News is covering teabaggers* in same fair and balanced way it covered the Million Man March in 1995

Teabaggers in this case refers to conservatives protesting the Obama administrations every step, trying to link with the Boston tea party.

Yeah, well.

Life Is Good - Everyone Just Overreacts.

(from PostSecrets)

Might just be true.

Happy Easter and good luck for the new summer term - or whatever this season has in store for you.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sound for Another Day.

I discovered a fantastic music group via this good sxsw mixtape from Rote Raupe: Balmorhae. The community tagged them as "post-rock (so post-rock that I hesitate to use the word band), "ambient" and "acoustic" and refers to Olafur Arnalds and Gregor Samsa. Sometimes I think to hear a bit of Sigur Ros as well, though sans the Icelandic and more acoustic. For the lack of a better term I'd tag them as "simply amazing". (Or maybe that is the most apropriate term.) Do yourself a favor, get their "San Solomon" track here, check them out at, watch this video of a performance of "Night in the Draw" - and put on your headphones.

KEXP live @ SXSW: Balmorhea - Night In The Draw from KEXP RADIO on Vimeo

More beauty.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Corgan Domain.

When you start a new (artistic) endeavor you run up against a lot of obstacles. You first have to have an idea you actually think worthy of being pursued, then at some point you have to convince others that it's good etc. For Billy Corgan there are other obstacles. In his "manifesto" explaining the future of the Smashing Pumpkins and the Cogan Corp., he announces several other (solo) projects besides the Pumpkins. However

"I would loveto get into more details on those projects but I would like to secure the domain names first because I don't want to have to fight to get them back later"

Too bad, Billy. 'Nother obstacle for future Corgan/Pumpkins genius might be that Tila Tequila of MySpace and MTV Shot at Love fame seems to be his ne muse. See stereogum for details or just enjoy "Today" instead:

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nostalgia, Money and the Global Village.

This should be a wonderfully euphoric, nostalgic post about Rival School's Used for Glue. One of the music video's I literally fell in love with in my teenage years on Viva 2 (rip). It was just that perfect at that time, in that moment. I still like it a lot - both the video and the song. The video made me buy the record just to have that one song. I just digitalized the record and had the sudden urge to see the video again. I was able to see the viedo despite the demise of (German) music televsion thanks to YouTube. I then wanted to write this wonderful nostalgic blog post about the vid and share/embed the video with you. "Nah-ah" said Universal Music*, apparently they don't want people to spread teh word about great videos that will make other people fall for bands anymore (see: the clusterfuck that is (mainstream) music pr and television in Germany and pretty much every other counry).

Instead, you'll just have to click here.

At least YouTube still is a (alright) resource for otherwise long forgotten music videos. That might all change due to the ridiculous demands from YouTube by GEMA.

Yeah, it all boils down to money. Again.

(* Yeah, okay, the mere fact that a Walter Schreifel band is distributed by Universal is... a bummer.)

edit: Maybe this will just ruin YouTube's dominance.
Here we go, thanks to MySpace Video
Rival Schools "Used for glue"