Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Poetry Has Moved! And More Changes

For quite some time now, it bugged me that my poetry site (this one) and my pop culture/politics/etc blog used the same title: Clarity & Chaos and clarity + chaos, respectively.

Since my band Union Hills finally called it quits on Saturday and I now want to embark on adventures on my own, writing and - some time in the not so far future, hopefully - producing music to my texts, I decided to change this situation by - for the first time ever - publishing under my 'real name.' I know! Just like a real author! So may I proudly present: christophschumacher.blogspot.com!

But this doesn't mean the death of this blog! I'm also not satisfied with the mix of longer, more original writing on feminism, pop culture and politics on my tumblr. So that content is moving back here! And the tumblr will be the site for links, findings, pretty pictures etc.

Confusing! I know! But fun! I promise!