Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nostalgia, Money and the Global Village.

This should be a wonderfully euphoric, nostalgic post about Rival School's Used for Glue. One of the music video's I literally fell in love with in my teenage years on Viva 2 (rip). It was just that perfect at that time, in that moment. I still like it a lot - both the video and the song. The video made me buy the record just to have that one song. I just digitalized the record and had the sudden urge to see the video again. I was able to see the viedo despite the demise of (German) music televsion thanks to YouTube. I then wanted to write this wonderful nostalgic blog post about the vid and share/embed the video with you. "Nah-ah" said Universal Music*, apparently they don't want people to spread teh word about great videos that will make other people fall for bands anymore (see: the clusterfuck that is (mainstream) music pr and television in Germany and pretty much every other counry).

Instead, you'll just have to click here.

At least YouTube still is a (alright) resource for otherwise long forgotten music videos. That might all change due to the ridiculous demands from YouTube by GEMA.

Yeah, it all boils down to money. Again.

(* Yeah, okay, the mere fact that a Walter Schreifel band is distributed by Universal is... a bummer.)

edit: Maybe this will just ruin YouTube's dominance.
Here we go, thanks to MySpace Video
Rival Schools "Used for glue"

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