Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sound for Another Day.

I discovered a fantastic music group via this good sxsw mixtape from Rote Raupe: Balmorhae. The community tagged them as "post-rock (so post-rock that I hesitate to use the word band), "ambient" and "acoustic" and refers to Olafur Arnalds and Gregor Samsa. Sometimes I think to hear a bit of Sigur Ros as well, though sans the Icelandic and more acoustic. For the lack of a better term I'd tag them as "simply amazing". (Or maybe that is the most apropriate term.) Do yourself a favor, get their "San Solomon" track here, check them out at, watch this video of a performance of "Night in the Draw" - and put on your headphones.

KEXP live @ SXSW: Balmorhea - Night In The Draw from KEXP RADIO on Vimeo

More beauty.

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