Monday, April 13, 2009

Ah! History, 'Tis A Tricky Thing.

In a class on the Sixties I took last term we saw a video showing a student protest - in a Fox News frame, oddly enough. I guess this particular YouTube video wanted to show how Fox News would've portayed it. Most of the class did not notice that it had to be a "fake" video - Fox first aired in 1986, Fox News in Oct. 1996. Yet it seems like we often take a media institution as granted that we tend to 'forget' that it hasn't been around all that long.

Seems to be true not only for people engaged in a discussion in a 8 a.m. class but also for anchors on the very network:

[Fox News anchor and commentator] Neil Cavuto claims Fox News is covering teabaggers* in same fair and balanced way it covered the Million Man March in 1995

Teabaggers in this case refers to conservatives protesting the Obama administrations every step, trying to link with the Boston tea party.

Yeah, well.

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