Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The lack of vending machines.

Coming back from a absolutely thrilling weekend with back to back performances of the amazing Portugal. the Man and the soon-to-amaze-you Steaming Satellites, I wanted to write this piece about a possibly clever insight I had about Joyce's Ulysses on Monday night.

But first I'll have to get over the confusion that slick P.R. people are following me on twitter and the air coming in through the window smells like winter. Oh, and after a day of traveling from Freiburg back to Ulm, wednesday feels like monday and the old question of "where is 'Home', anyway?" creeps up again.

While I get that sorted out and tackle that Joyce-piece, please enjoy Portugal. the Man's "And I":

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  1. very cool. do you know Bon Iver? If not, check him out.