Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dowie, Dax and Teenage Angst.

Dowie: OMG, I got like this totally horrible problem!! I wanna die !!1!!!1!
Daddy Gov: Easy darling. No Problem daddy can't solve. how much money do you need?
Dowie: Noo! It's different this time! I'm gonna diiiiie!!
Daddy: Oh.. That much money?
Dowie: *whipingtears* Well, a few hundred billion....
Daddy: Well, okay. But I have to talk with Mommy first, alright?

- Meanwhile in the flat next door -

Dax: Have you heard Dowie screaming? I feel bad too!!!! Oh, the darkness creeping...
Father Reg: Oh, please. Here, take 30 billion, now go back playing in your corner.


Daddy Gov: Well, don't get too upset, but..
Dowie starts to cry
Daddy: I talked to Mommy, and while she agreed with me after our first discussion, she changed her mind when her judging uncle showed up. "We" can't help you this time, my dear. You got yourself into this mess alone and you need to figure it out by yourself. I'm terribly sorry, but remember: You'll always be daddy's darling.
Dowie: NoooO! I hate you! Runs up to room, banging doors. Has a tantrum on the window sill, falls asleep. Daddy covers her with a blanket.

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