Saturday, January 23, 2010

"I Hate Fashion."

Twitter, the blogosphere and all the other places where fashion, culture and boredom intersect are fashionably ablaze in times like these, the week of the Berlin Fashion Week. I must admit, these days bring along a few interesting styles and interviews that are brilliant in text yet a bit ambiguous in picture (German link to an interview with Stefan Eckert ) I have, like so many others, a guilty pleasure in casually subscribing to The Satorialist. And while I do think that personal fashion and style can (but must not) be a tool of self-expression (and fun), I also agree with this article by Tanya Gold in the Guardian. When she describes the experience of having the extensive, expensive siren cry of fashion (or rather: the pressure of the Fashion Industry) as grueling soundtrack of growing up: 
Can't you ignore it, you may ask? Can't you squeeze yourself into a ­library and have an inner life instead? Ha! Anyone who thinks that has never been a young woman staring into the window of Topshop. Sophisticated weapons are employed to make us need the rubbish. And so we do.
Or relates the story of meeting a 16 year old model: 

She was a sweet, utterly ordinary girl with an astonishing face. She ­exuded gloom. She showed me a photograph of herself. It had ­appeared on the cover of Vogue. "I don't think it looks like me at all," she said. She was right. It didn't. It was a non-existent woman.
Or even mentions the fashionable shoe related death of a 16 year old who fell under a train: 
This was different from the usual Fashion Death, where a model has a heart attack on the catwalk, because she lives on grapes. This was an ordinary girl – a bystander. And why was she wearing high-heeled shoes on an icy night? Because fashion, the whispering monster, told her to.
 I can't stop nodding my head - and shaking it at the same time. Nodding in agreement. Shaking at the stories - and being surprised at how little I am surprised by these stories. So even though I did not suffer as badly under the cry of fashion as a dude, there is a lot not to like about Fashion.  Don't agree? Go read articles like this one. 

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