Friday, January 8, 2010

Candy or Poetry?

What a brilliant idea - a 1964 candy vending machiene turned into a Poetry Machine by the editors of Molossus:
The machine sold nine different poems by category—from Love Poem to Food Poem to Poem to Help You Get Laid*—including work by Amatoritsero Ede, Armando Celayo, Ryan Van Winkle, Elizabeth Aamot, David Shook, and Víctor Terán.

This machine debuted in Sept. '09 in LA for for the 13th annual Silver Lake Art Crawl.More machienes are to be distributed, for example in El Paso. I'd love to read the actual poems inside - or better, have a couple of these machines closer by. That'd be one healthy diet.

*Of course, one of the categories has to be 'Poem to Help You Get Laid. Sigh.

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