Saturday, January 16, 2010

American Ghetto

To conclude Portugal. the Man day: Apart from releasing the video for the Sun, Portugal. the Man also announced that they're releasing new material soon:
We will shortly make an official announcement for the release of American Ghetto. This one is for you, we are not sending it to press and we are not sending it to radio. When all the finishing touches are complete we will make it available to everyone on the same day. OK, we will answer 2 questions right now…
1. Yes, it is an entire album, 11 songs
2. Yes, it is a slightly more electronic, beats, samplers, etc. album than The Satanic Satanist. Maybe not something for the casual listener but for those who have a most of our records we think you will love it.
If it's anything like a It's Complicated Being A Wizard for Satanic Satanist (it sure does sond like it), I'll be jumping circles. 

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