Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Büchner and the Future.

I have a nice literature calendar hanging above my desk. The topic is Beziehungen & Begegnungen. And this weeks quote touched my heart in a uncanny, almost frightening way:

Was kann ich sagen, als dass ich Dich liebe; was versprechen, als was in dem Worte Liebe schon liegt, Treue? Aber die sogenannte Versorgung? Student noch zwei Jahre, die gewisse Aussicht auf ein stürmisches Leben, vielleicht bald auf fremden Boden!

(What can I say but that I love you, what can I promise but what is already whithin the word love, loyalty? But the so-called support? A student for another two years, the certain prospect of a turbulent life, soon maybe on foreign soil!)*

--Georg Büchner in a letter to Wilhelmine Jaeglé, his fiancée, March 1834

Georg Büchner died 3 years later.

*My (ruff) translation


  1. büchner war wahnsinnig toll. und hesse. :)

  2. Anonymous19:29

    jesus thanks for that, I guess he wasnt a mibnac, I dont ever see our studies ending at the rate they are going vicki