Sunday, March 1, 2009

It Never Rains in Southern Germany.

Okay, that's definitely not true. However, Freiburg, my new "home", is supposed to be the sunniest town in Germany. Over the last couple of months I realized what a relative term that is.
To document just how sunny Freiburg really is, I set up a new blog project called "Deutschlands sonnigster Hinterhof" featuring a daily photo of, well, the backyard I see from my room's window. Or rather the area behind that.
Doesn't look too bad today - looks like spring is coming. And even my part of town looks kinda pretty in sunshine.


  1. That's cool! What about also publishing the actual temperature?

  2. vicki01:06

    yaay haslach

  3. Haslach represent!
    @Pascal: Yeah, that's a good idea. But first I'll have to buy an outdoors thermometer.. But I won't go the vlog way - I'm not David Lynch:

  4. Hahah it is true, this is a crap winter. I like your weatherblog, keep updating the photos! My last winter here (2 years ago) was much warmer and sunny almost every day. So it must be global warming or some other conspiracy out to get Freiburg....