Monday, March 2, 2009

Can You Feel the Four Chords of Standardization.

Pop just need one chord more than punk. The Axis of Awesome's 5 min. trip through pop history. Seamless standardization. Enjoy.

Via Bettmenschblog and Achtmilliarden.


  1. oh gott, das ist brillant!
    und wahrscheinlich gibt es noch viel mehr lieder...

    ich mach ja sowas ähnliches mit hit me baby one more time, dancing queen, last christmas und like a virgin... ;)

  2. So does this mean that we should rejoice in this four chord progression that makes us so happy and/or melancholy, or learn to hate it because it curbs our creativity?

  3. Chris19:59

    That's up to you. As long as you're aware of how incredibly easy, repetitive and mind-lulling this is, you're on the safe side, anyway, I'd argue.