Thursday, November 6, 2008

Yes We Can!?

Yes I stayed up all night to see the election.
Yes, it was a great night
Yes, I'm glad he won!

Yet some of the 'minor' decisions spoiled the blissfulness of election day. The Californian 'Yes' to Proposition 8 for example (more on that here - including a map) This great cartoon by Rob Tornoe sums it up pretty good:

Though it's so great to have a Democrat back in the White House - and especially this one - and a Democrat-controlled Congress, I up to now don't feel like the US acutally suddenly became that much more liberal. I'm still waiting for Change to happen. It'll take a while. Especially as the mess piled up over the last 8 years has to be cleaned up first. I just hope people will be patient enough and there won't be too much disappointment when things don't immediately 'Change'

Oh, and it's so nice that the election and the campaigning is finally over.... Got a bit tired of it in the last stretch.

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  1. Yeah, the passing of Prop 8 is another chapter in this country's long history of intolerance. but It'll go to the supreme court, and I can't see it holding up in the long run.