Monday, April 7, 2008

rambling genius, genius rambling.

Dieser Blog schimpft sich ja "Clarity and Chaos". Bisschen merkwürdig der Titel, weil bisher sowohl Klarheit und chaos eher selten zu finden waren.
Ryan Adams kriegt zumindest den Teil mit dem Chaos besser hin. Viele Kommentatoren da draussen in der blogosphere mag das ja nerven, ich allerdings finde es wunderbar (mag daran liegen, dass ich das Ding nicht per Tumblr abonniert habe).
Anyway, check out the bekloppteste Studiotagebuch ever:
D.R.Adams Films Inc.
Finden sich dann so tolle Einträge wie:

“ Yes GAWKER, you and I, we are not so dissimilar are we. Only I use rather posh product and and am decked like the halls of an elephant exhibit.

p.s. who the f is that woman you keep talking about who had a parade made out of pink vodka’s. also what is the beatrice, is that a restaurant? i will never know these things. I am chained to my insides like a self-contained coin operated writing machine.

of course, someone had to “comment” (oh, your commenters) that I have not written a good record since heartbreaker. well, either way I don’t have any trouble getting in and out of Barney’s and I don’t have to get on the yacht like mayer. poor mayer. er, rich poor mayer. can you imagine submitting album after album knowing they are going to ask for the track about girls.

bless his little over educated drop D tuning heart.

Pure bliss.

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