Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring cleaning.

So this blog of mine, Clarity & Chaos, is my baby. Only few people read it, even fewer comment on it, but still - I like it. The only think I don't like at all by now is the randomness of it.  The combination of 'original material' - my  poetry, Coy Copyboy, the few (but soon to be more) reading journals  besides the cool stuff I like to share and the bits on (American) politics is starting to bother me. So, after cleaning out my closet this morning I decided to give Aunt Clarity & Chaos a little niece: That's the new place for all the quick links, music videos and politic rants from now on, this blog will be the site for all that original material: Poetry, Coy Copyboy, reading journals. Plus you can still follow me on twitter for the shortest sweet stuff. 

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