Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dear Readers

Dear readers,

you might have noticed, if you actually read this blog on the site and not just in your feed reader (which is cool, I do that all the time and I stopped caring how many people read this mess good while ago), that I'm currently toying with the design of the blog a bit.
Anyway, I got a question: Are you folks interested in the delicious link section on the right hand side (now called "In other news")? I'm not so sure whether anybody is interested, and I'm not that satisfied with that part of the design. So, if nobody clicks on the links anyway, I'd get rid of that bit.
Just vote in the poll on the upper right side and/or leave me a comment. Your input is always greatly appreciated.

And as a little bribe - a neat song by Dear Reader (get it?)


  1. I appreciate you appreciating my input.
    but in clarification: do you mean all of the links? or just a specific category, like "in other news"?

  2. Yeah, the "In Other News" section. It's basically a list of my recent delicious bookmarks..

  3. I only read Clarity & Chaos in the feed reader. Therefore I don't really care. ;)

  4. vicki23:09

    Hey, these guys are South African!!!yaaay!