Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"Best" of 2008

Everybody does it, I can't help it.
Here they are, my entirely subjective Top 5 records/songs of Oheight. Picked more autobiographically than critically. Though all of 'em are very good.


Kettcar - Sylt
II Get Well Soon - Rest Now! Weary Head, You Will Get Well Soon
III Portugal. the Man - Censored Colors
IV Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago
V Tomte - Heureka


I Chuck Ragan & Nagel - No Rubber Tired Vehicles Beyond This Point
II Why? - The Hollows
III Bon Iver - Skinny Love
IV MGMT - Time to Pretend
V The Hold Steady - Constructive Summer


Stars - Bitches in Tokyo

Thoughts, comments, disapproval.

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