Thursday, October 23, 2008

MTV Commits Suicide

...basically. As I mentioned a while ago (and a lot of other people at a lot of other place, I'm sure) there isn't much Music Television left in Germany anyway. But now MTV Germany and Viva are cutting virtually every only half-bad, at least music related show on the program. Of course, they're blaming it on cost efficiency, etc.
What remains is a living corpse hold together by (reruns of) bad 'reality' shows by C-list celebrities like the daughter of Hulk Hogan. And dating shows for people who used to be in dating shows with B-list celebrities like Flavor Flav'. German speakers can check out more about this at Coffee and TV

Oh, and as a icy topping on the frosty remains of 'young' television: Viacom is also cutting the German version of Comedy Central into a sort of Nick @ Night with comedy show reruns.

Just go off the air altogether.

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